"It all started in a small woodworking shop
making wooden staircases and tables"

Georgios Stergiou created one of the most successful wood trading companies in Western Greece. He wasn't a qualified woodworker nor had he studied business management at university level. He had only a dedication to wood craftsmanship and his wife. He developed the company with passion and has now passed it on to his son Elias.

Giorgos spent the majority of his life building the company before stepping down from the management of the business. During his younger days he travelled throughout Greece as well as  most of Europe learning and applying new techniques. His craftsmanship was widely admired and he established himself as the most skilled woodcraftsman in Western Greece.

"I bought my first woodworking machine
by selling my handcrafted violin,
that I had taught myself how to play."

In 1993 Elias Stergiou returned from his studies abroad and took a leading role in the company. In 1995 Stergiou Abee was founded with the merger of two similar companies (one focused on the industrial production and the other on wood-trading). Within the next five years the company introduced the manufacture of wooden ceilings and floors. This significantly upgraded the wholesales network of the company with customers from all over Greece.

In 2004 the company invested in new cutting techniques of boards for kitchen utilities and furniture. The reindustrialization of the company came three years later when a vacuum system was installed for automated storing of materials thus became one of the most modernized in Greece. In recent years the vacuum system has also been used for material welding as well. The company is constantly investing in the mechanical and human factor aiming for innovation and development.

Our Partners

Over the years the company has established partnerships with many different companies in the wood trading industry. Most of them are located in northern Europe in countries such as Germany and Austria as well as some Scandinavian countries. The company continues to pursue cooperation with other companies as trading ideas and knowledge provides a solid foundation for new techniques and products.


Company Values

In our company we believe that custom designing products based on clients needs is one of the most important values. Furthermore we continually aim to provide reliability and value for money. Additionally we deliver constant support throughout any purchase with an urge for customer satisfaction. Lastly we aim on clarity and cooperation in any business endeavor.

Our Certificates

The company applies the EUTR European directive against illegal harvesting. The raw material comes from companies that hold FSC-PEFC-CE-EN 14081 and E1 certificates . It fulfils the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 .

Stergiou ISO

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