Pre-veneered coverings

Wood is a "live" material with a great ability to adapt to the environment. This ability makes it stylish, modern and classic.

Regarding the quality of materials, 100% comes from controlled forest felling (PEFC) which means that for every tree harvested at least another one is planted.

The paints used are water based and certified to meet strict standards of the European Union regarding the impact on the environment.

Finally, the wood as hygroscopic material which means that its volume changes when it comes into direct contact with water, with appropriate processing in a drying room reaches the appropriate level of humidity which ensures the required stability.

The wood is widely used in architectural options combined with other materials (metal, glass etc.), not only for its structural characteristics, but also because it contributes to the "humanization" of constructions.

In recent years the excessive use of gypsum plasterboards inside the buildings, the use of wood coverings and floor is increasingly gaining ground. (Mainly in countries such as Spain, France, Germany).

However, in order to be able to meet the modern high demands this solution must combine high quality materials and excellent finishing of the final product. This way the end users will be able to perceive precisely the final appearance of the product and possible combinations with other materials.

  95 120
Oak Covering 10 x  
Sapelly Covering 10 x  
Rustic Green Fir Covering 13   x
Rustic White Fir Covering 13   x
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Oak Covering

Dimension (mm): 10 x 95

Rustic Green Fir Covering

Dimension (mm): 13 x 120

Rustic White Fir Covering

Dimension (mm): 13 x 120

Sapelly Covering

Dimension (mm): 10 x 95


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