Pine or Redwood (Pinus Silvestris)

The sapwood and heartwood are yellowish to white-red color. Under circumstances it withstands weather conditions and it is sickly to insects and fungi infestation.

Physical Properties: It is of soft to medium hardness, moderately lightweight, elastic and solid. It has good stability, it shrinks a little, is good at drying and easy to process. The cross section gives generally oval knots.

True density at 15% humidity: 0.47 g/cm3

The contraction rate % in 1% change in moisture content in the direction of the heartwood is from 0.12 to 0.19% and in the direction of the annual growth rings is from 0.24 to 0.33%.

The pines are harder and heavier than the firs.

Quality graduation


Quality U/S

Without diametric (radial) shakes. Few, small and healthy knots are allowed, limited cyanosis, few and small resin pockets, few and small shakes/ wanes.


Quality V

Allowed: Small, healthy and a few dead knots, extensive cyanosis, unlimited resin pockets, few lines, extreme stretch shakes (perhaps through-going) with length not greater than the width of sawn timber and small wanes.


Quality VI

Allowed: Few shed knots of average size, healthy and unlimited discoloration up to 40% of the surface, resin of average size in a small number, shakes and wanes of an average size and limited insect infestation.

  125 150 175 200
  OS I-III 50 x x    
  US 25   x    
38   x    
50 x x    
75 x x    
  US equal length 50 x x    
  V 38 x x    
50 x x    
75 x x x  
100       x
  VI 50 x x    
75 x x    
 Planed wood V 63 x      
75 x x    
 Planed wood V in pairs 63 x      
75 x x    
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