Wooden floors are ideal for creating "comfortable" and clean interiors. Being an environmentally friendly and natural material, solid wood creates a sense of warmth.

Each type of wood has its own unique features. Some of the coniferous trees, for example, have very striking features arising from the texture or the type and number of knots. Others, such as a pitch Pine, may be low in knots.

The range of different features and versatility of wood is inexhaustible!

The North timbers are of extremely high quality and tend to grow very slowly due to climatic conditions in the northern hemisphere, making them very dense, strong and sustainable.

The wood from conifers is available in different strengths. The Scandinavian spruce, for example, is softer than the Siberian larch.

The more you use your floor, the harder type of wood you need. Measuring the density of various wood species indicates their resistance. The higher the density of a wood, the harder the wood.

Density values (gr/m3) for indoor use with constant humidity of about 12% according to DIN 68364:2003-05 standard.

Type of wood Density gr/m3 
Fir 0,47 
Pine 0,52 
Larch 0,51 
Pine pitch  0,63 

Since it is a very ecological and renewable material, the use of wood in our homes helps both to protect natural resources and contribute to responsible forest management.


Pine Floors DIMENSIONS (mm)
  90 142
Super 22 x  
Extra 22 x  
V 22 x x
US/V 34   x

 Fir Floors  DIMENSIONS (mm)
   168  192
   20  x  x

Pitch Pine DIMENSIONS (mm)
   22 x

   22 x
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Pitch Pine Floors

Dimension (mm): 22 x 90

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