In architecture, the word deck refers to a flat surface similar to a typical floor, usually for outdoor areas. The term deck comes from the wooden decks of ships.

The Decks are usually made of:

  • Softwood (Pine - Fir) which has been heat treated for greater durability in outdoor use
  • Hard tropical wood (Massaranduba, Ipe)
  • Complex solutions (wood-plastic composites), a mixture of plastic and wood

Historically, the softwood used for decking should come from forests with natural growth (not swift reforestation). The ideal solution in this case is the Siberian Larch.

The wooden decks are usually made from hard tropical wood (Massaranduba, Ipe, Iroko, Teak, Mahogany) due to its high durability in outdoor use (moisture, UV rays, distortion). However, in recent years the systematic and exhaustive logging (often illegal) of tropical forests has limited the availability of suitable raw materials.

At the same time and for environmental reasons related to illegal logging, "composite products" have been developed (usually a mixture of recycled plastic and wood derivatives). These require no maintenance (but they are not reconstructible) and are based on extensive use of chemicals in order to maintain their stability.

The outer wooden "decking" floors are used as alternative options in gardens instead of stone paved runways, or as an extension of the main house space as patios, as well as for fences in landscaping.

Massaranduba DIMENSIONS (mm)
   21 x
   22 x
Soaked Pine DIMENSIONS (mm)
   22 x
Soaked Fir DIMENSIONS (mm)
   20 x
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Dimension (mm): 21 x 120


Dimension (mm): 22 x 145

Soaked Pine

Dimension (mm): 22 x 120

Soaked Fir

Dimension (mm): 20 x 145

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