Our company has modern machinery equipment offering services such as:

Α. For the surfaces (MDF, Melamine)

  • Cutting surfaces to the desired dimensions accurately to the millimetre, optimizing materials and minimizing wastage
  • PVC welding of chopped pieces
  • CNC, forming various designs on wooden surfaces (doors, hatches), engraving of wooden letters on signs, drilling for hinges etc

Β. Timber services

  • Production of wooden floor, wall and ceiling coverings as well as accessories (frames, skirting boards etc.) with original designs
  • Wood cutting (sawing, planing)
  • Delivery of ready pre-varnished wall and floor coverings for indoor and outdoor use.
  • Wooden roof design program to optimize material and static calculations.

Ongoing individual support and advices for the selection of high quality and more reliable materials.

Wood is a "live" material with a great ability to adapt to the environment.
This ability contributes to the "humanization" of constructions.



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