Our company has modern machinery equipment offering services such as:

Α. For the surfaces (MDF, Melamine)

  • Cutting surfaces to the desired dimensions accurately to the millimetre, optimizing materials and minimizing wastage
  • PVC welding of chopped pieces
  • CNC, forming various designs on wooden surfaces (doors, hatches), engraving of wooden letters on signs, drilling for hinges etc

Β. Timber services

  • Production of wooden floor, wall and ceiling coverings as well as accessories (frames, skirting boards etc.) with original designs
  • Wood cutting (sawing, planing)
  • Delivery of ready pre-varnished wall and floor coverings for indoor and outdoor use.
  • Wooden roof design program to optimize material and static calculations.

Ongoing individual support and advices for the selection of high quality and more reliable materials.

Wood is a "live" material with a great ability to adapt to the environment.
This ability contributes to the "humanization" of constructions.

The company sells and processes wood based on certificates, which are issued by independent bodies and indicate that the wood comes from forests with sustainable and controlled logging, carried out with respect to the environment.



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