The OSB 3 is a water-proof wood-base panel material made of relatively long and thin strips of wood lying horizontally to oriented layers compressed and bonded together with resins.

OSB 3 is a versatile material with excellent properties, has low formaldehyde content and it is a certified material pursuant to EN 13986 standard.

Suitable for internal and external use, construction in wet conditions.

Excellent properties, increased flexibility along the axis, and very good resistance to bending.

High quality and environmentally friendly product.

Certified material pursuant to EN 13986 standard.

To OSB 3 is mainly used in the construction of new wooden houses with high energy-saving requirements, but also for renovation of existing homes and ceilings in attics. It is designed for construction in wet conditions, where the relative air humidity is up to 85%.

Applications of OSB 3 are recommended for:

  • Wood Constructions
  • Interior finish
  • Package
  • Interior design
  • Concrete Mold
  • Dry and wet conditions

Structural applications of OSB3 are recommended for:

  • Walls (internal / external)
  • Floors: underfloor, rigid substrate for covering floating floors
  • Roofs: roof sheathing with beams (rigid substrate for roof covering) or under beams
  • Stairs: steps (rigid substrate)
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DIMENSIONS: 2.44 x 1.22 (m) THICKNESSES: 11, 15, 18 (mm)


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