Melamine PerfectSense Gloss

The surface that looks like a mirror, PerfectSense Gloss (PG) differs from the other high shine surfaces because of its smoothness.

The light reflection property, make the spaces look brighter and bigger.

The result is a new level of reflection that permits the creation of modern designs that in the past were only possible through the use of glass or acrylic.

PerfectSense Gloss surfaces retain their brightness through time because of the unique, authentic and protecting UV covering.

The intense high quality brightness is usually accompanied with high cost and even higher preservation requirements. That does not apply to PerfectSense Gloss surfaces.

Thanks to the ease of management and cutting in comparison with the glass, enormous high brightness finish possibilities are unfolded that are dominant in commercial places, hotels and in furniture design.

  • Configuration during cutting leaves low amount of residue.
  • It is an affordable use of polished surfaces.
  • Exclusive interior design
  • Higher furniture manufacture
W1000 PG/ST2 Premium White
U763 PG/ST2 Pearl Grey
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U763 PG/ST2 Pearl Grey

FIXED DIMENSIONS (m): 2.80 x 2.07 THICKNESSES (mm): 18

W1000 PG/ST2 Premium White

FIXED DIMENSIONS (m): 2.80 x 2.07 THICKNESSES (mm): 18

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