Melamine Feelwood / Synchronized Texture

The feelwood series –synchronized texture, is a new generation of surfaces in which the texture and the design of water are aligned, creating a feeling of high quality texture. Feelwood surfaces are remarkably resistant.

The surfaces with water-based wood never looked as real as the last generation of feelwood textures.

With texture and feeling aligned with water, these surfaces don’t differ visually from veneer and solid wood but they have the added advantage of color uniformity in the leaves and in the batches and they are extremely resistant.

Synchronized surfaces are available now for all particleboards and MDF surfaces, Eurolight surfaces, counters, compact laminate and the formica with matching margin strips (margin strips ABS with look and feel of cut wood).

Feelwood series for formica have all the aesthetical features of the authentic wood but with the functional and resistant characteristics of formica. For this reason, it is the ideal material for intense use applications.

Thickness (mm)
H1486 ST36 Jackson Pine
H3325 ST28 Tobacco Gladstone Oak
H3760 ST29 White Cape Elm
W1000 ST26 Premium White
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H1180 ST37 Natural Halifax Oak

FIXED DIMENSIONS (m): 2.80 x 2.07 THICKNESSES (mm): 18

W1000 ST38 Premium White

FIXED DIMENSIONS (m): 2.80 x 2.07 THICKNESSES (mm): 18

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