The vinyl floors are classic floors, which are the perfect choice for both residential and commercial spaces. These are extremely durable floors, with pleasant acoustics, easy to care and maintain and are the best choice for any space. Quick and clean handling and installation make them ideal for renovations and for installation of underfloor heating. Moreover, the soft surface gives a sense of comfort and warmth to any room. Different wood and stone facades, from exotic to sophisticated and modern, give a sense of authenticity and ensure the perfect atmosphere.

The vinyl floors are:

Highly resistant: The vinyl floors are suitable for any activity. Heavy use is not a problem due to the carved surface.

Quiet, warm and soft for the joints: Due to the rubber surface they do not strain the leg joints, absorb the sounds and at the same time offer an incredible sense of warmth in the sole.

Suitable for gluing and bonding: The vinyl floors are easily installed either glued or by the patented Connect locking system.

Quick installation: One click connection is the alternative solution to the gluing. The floor installation is quick and their handling is simple and easy to use.

Low height: Due to their minimal construction height ranging between 2 and 5 mm, they are ideal for renovation works, even done overnight.

Suitable for damp rooms: The physical properties of the material prevent the absorption of water, thus they are a perfect choice for flooring in rooms such as bathrooms and kitchens.

The vinyl floors are cleaned very easily: The floor surface is sealed with a transparent PU layer to smooth the unevenness of the surface, retarding in this way the accumulation of everyday dirt on the surface and, thus, is cleaned very easily.

Antibacterial: The properties of the material prevent the growth of bacteria, which adhere to the surface during normal use.

Non-slip: The surface of vinyl flooring is designed to be reliably safe with every step, and it is ideal for bathrooms and kitchens




23/33/42: category of use according to EN 685

Domestic use: Wet areas (kitchens and bathrooms)

Commercial use

Industrial use


The installation options are as follows:

  • Flooring for gluing: 100% elastic flooring for gluing as boards or tiles.
  • Flooring for Connect click connection: 100% elastic flooring for connection as boards or tiles.

Flooring for gluing

  1. PU coating: It protects the product and allows easy cleaning and maintenance
  2. Protective layer against wear (Wear layer): Ensures high wear resistance
  3. Decoration tape: Gives the product a unique design
  4. Core layer: Ensures flexibility and stability.
  5. Support layer: It helps better installation by covering soil anomalies

Flooring for Connect click connection

  1. PU coating: It protects the product and allows easy cleaning and maintenance.
  2. Protective layer against wear (Wear layer): Ensures high wear resistance
  3. Decoration tape: Gives the product a unique design
  4. Strengthened core layer with glass fibre fabrics (glass wool): Gives the product greater stability regardless of the size, internal resistance and optimal connection
  5. Stabilizing layer
  6. Soundproof layer silent COMFORT: Normalizes non smooth points and reduces the value of impact noise and footfall noise.

Skirting board: Available for all combinations

Substrate: Noise reduction, humidity protection and underfloor heating

  • For increased anti-slip effect and soundproofing
  • For floating installation
  • Optimized soundproofing up to 6% (+ - 2%) under vinyl floors
  • Excellent footfall noise reduction by 12 DB under the vinyl floors
  • The non-slip upper side is protected by PET film
  • Suitable for hot water underfloor heating
  • Easy to use, can be cut with a common cutter

Aluminum profile

  • For even flooring
  • For uneven flooring
  • Terminal profile
  • Corner for skirting boards
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