Parquet floors

Parquet floors are made of natural wood in various shades that demonstrate excellent quality. Apart from the external appearance, their excellent properties make their installation, use and care easy, giving long life and the highest possible level of comfort.

Wood species

Not only the appearance but also the degree of hardness is a prominent feature. Most light colored wooden surfaces get darker over time due to sunlight, while dark wood tends to have a lighter shade. The wood used is:

  • European maple
  • Siberian pine
  • Oak
  • Beech
  • Iroko
  • Doussie
  • Walnut tree


Parquet floors have a long life and their warranty is 15 years for floors 11 mm thick and 30 years for floors 13 mm thick.

Product composition

Parquet floors are characterized by a basic composition of three layers. The type of surface wood at the same time describes the coating material. The intermediate and the stabilizing layers serve to stabilize the board providing the high resistance to stress.

-Surface layer of real wood:Solid wood for the surface layer.

-Intermediate layer: The intermediate layer is made of transverse strips of pine or fir wood (blockboard - plywood). A special welding method provides excellent stability.

-Stabilizing layer: It is used to stabilize the structure, it is resistant to distortion and helps prevent the humidity.

-Underfloor heating: The parquet 11-15 mm thick is suitable for installation of hot water underfloor heating systems.


To prevent humidity, which unintentionally remains in the floor for a long period of time, from penetrating the surface, there is extremely effective impregnation protection. It is a special oil-wax emulsion at the edges of panels and wooden strips that prevents humidity from fast penetration into the surface.




Connection technologies found in the parquet floors:


Installation is carried out by a patented connection CLICKitEASY. By pressing slightly the narrow edges of the board, they snap together and get locked like a door lock.


  • Natural wood surface 3mm
  • Can be rubbed up to three times
  • Vary fast and clean installation
  • Strong connections in the narrow and longitudinal edges
  • Easy recovery, if necessary


The patented LOCKitEASY system secures the floor board by board.

Skirting boards: A full collection of skirting boards in real wood or decor designs to suit any decor. The smart clip technology also makes the assembly particularly easy. The cables are placed behind and become invisible. The skirting boards can easily be removed, if necessary.


  • For even flooring
  • For uneven flooring
  • Terminal profile


The substrate materials reduce noise significantly. The noises sound more softly and cease to be so annoying. In case of installation of floating floor, the substrate material is especially suitable for the installation of underfloor heating.

  • Protection against emerging humidity
  • Comfort through walking with minimal noise and cryptogenic sounds
  • Optimum utilization of floor heating with hot water
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