Synthetic Laminate Flooring

The laminate floors have good mechanical properties, are suitable for domestic and professional use. Available in a variety of colors, with natural shades suitable for special decorations, with easy installation (CLICKitEASY system). They provide an economic and quick solution for the renovation of the floor.

Connection technology

Synthetic floors are always installed safely, simply and quickly thanks to the intelligent technology CLICKitEASY. By pressing slightly the narrow edges of the board, they snap together and get locked like a door lock.


  • Particularly convenient and simple assembly
  • Vary fast and clean installation
  • Installation without a hammer or a wooden chock
  • No damage of the material
  • Strong connections in the narrow and longitudinal edges
  • Very easy recovery, if necessary

Warranty for laminate flooring

20 years warranty for flooring 8 mm and 10 mm thick.


Coating: Tiny, small particles of corundum are dispersed over the transparent coating paper and this paper gives the floor wear and abrasion resistance. The decorative paper underneath accurately reproduces the physical specifications. During production, the coating and decoration paper are closely connected with the base plate under heat and pressure conditions and with the addition of adhesive resins.

Underfloor heating: The laminate floors are suitable for installation of hot water underfloor heating systems.

Water resistant: Every floor comes regularly into contact with water or humidity. The protection against water will ensure that no water penetrates into the floor.
The laminate floors are based exclusively on high-density fiberboard (HDF), with very high expansion protection factor.

Beauty Match: The Beauty Match supports the authentic look of the floor and makes the transitions at the narrow top ends of the laminate boards literally invisible. The decorations perfectly match together like pieces of a puzzle.

Joints: Joints frame boards underline their existence on the surface in an emphatic manner. A joint may be of the shape of «U» or «V» type in depth. Depending on the colors and contrast of combinations, it can either be very intense or distinctive.



All laminate floors are ranked at the highest use classes AC4/32, in accordance with DIN EN 13329. Thus, we guarantee long-term quality.

Category AC4/32: For medium circulation, like kindergartens, offices, waiting rooms or boutiques. 


Skirting Board: Every floor can find its perfect match with a matching colored skirting board. The CLICK it EASY system makes its fitting particularly easy. Any cords that are installed go in the back part and become invisible. If necessary the skirting boards can be easily removed. 

Floor Profiles

  • Adjustment Profile
  • Transition Profile
  • Border Profile


The substrate materials reduce noise significantly. The noises sound more soft and cease to be so annoying. In case of installation of floating floor, the substrate material is especially suitable for the installation of underfloor heating. 

  • Protection against emerging humidity
  • Comfort through walking with minimal noise and cryptogenic sounds
  • Optimum utilization of floor heating with hot water
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