Composite wood

The term laminated wood means structural components for wooden structures derived from artificially dried spruce boards where visual imperfections and spots that reduce resistance have been cut, such as large branches, large patches of resin and knots. This high-tech product, the laminated wood, is created by removing the vulnerabilities and the provision of material in layers of plates.

Large dimensions and thinner cross sections: The laminated wood has greater strength and stiffness compared to the normal construction timber. It can be manufactured in lengths up to 18 meters and in dimensions up to 240 x 1240 mm. In this way it is possible to create systems of bearing constructions with large openings without support, if building blocks are thin.

Simple processing without problems: Beyond other advantages of this quality material, less time is required for processing.

Great biological properties of residence: The laminated timber as a product of nature, has excellent biological properties of residence and has a very positive impact on indoor atmosphere.

Width from 80 - 240 mm per 20 mm
Height from 80 - 1240 mm per 40 mm
Length from 6000 - 12000 mm (with high precision)
Thickness of plates up to 40 mm Standard length of 12m.

Attractive potential for the space design:

The so-called technical assets entail many additional architectural and design advantages. The laminated wood matches perfectly with other materials such as natural stone, concrete, steel or glass. Through the ability to process with a colored or transparent varnish or wax the possibilities of creative expression increase.

  160 180 200 240
  Standard Visual 6 - 12 m 80 x x    
100     x x

Standard length 12 m


Also available in the following dimensions on request:

  100 120 140 160 200 240 280
80   x   x      
100 x x   x x    
120       x x x  
140     x   x x  
160       x x x x
180             x
200         x    
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