Educational visit of students of Wood & Furniture Design & Technology Department to the wood product companies IPEIROTIKI XYLEMPORIA - STERGIOU AVEE and NOUSIA AFOI in Arta and Ioannina.

Monday and Tuesday, 3-4 /12/2012, an educational visit of twenty five (25) students of the 7th semester and five (5) professors of the Wood & Furniture Design & Technology Department of Larisa`s TEI took place, within the framework of the courses "Wood Products - Furniture Marketing", "Furniture Quality Control" and "Technology of Wooden Structures Constructions/ Outdoor Constructions" at the companies IPEIROTIKI XYLEMPORIA - STERGIOU AVEE and ILIAS NOUSIAS & YIOI in Arta and Ioannina respectively.

Within two days, students were able to see the organization of production, the processes of production, quality control, marketing and trading, as well as the general operation of the two major wood product companies, which "resist" to the effects of the economic crisis and have a fairly good performance, making both marketing and processing of wood and wood products, with activities and transactions across the country.

The Iperotiki Xylemporia Stergiou A.V.E.E. has worked for 27 years and has implemented to date three investment programs and its equipment is very modern. The power supply & selection of particleboard and MDF system is particularly efficient and operates on its own after the end of the business hours, choosing the materials to be ready the next day.

Students also visited the production areas of parquets and wood coverings, where they had an opportunity to watch the whole process with. The company Elias Nousias & Yioi is currently operated by the third generation of its owners and deals with a) the production and packaging of sawn wood of conifers on demand (it has the only machine in Greece with special packaging of its products), b) the production and sale of materials for kitchen furniture and wardrobes at the wholesale level and c) marketing and trading of Pellets. In this company, the students were able to see the processes from the order receipt until the delivery, including the production process of prefabricated kitchen furniture.

Professors accompanying the students of the Department during this educational visit were the Director of the Karditsa Branch I. Papadopoulos, the associate professors G. Dalos & Mich. Skarvelis and the partners of the Department Dr. Marios Trigkas and Dr. Adamantios Sideras. The Wood & Furniture Design & Technology Department of Larisa`s TEI wishes to thank the owners of the two companies and all executives who helped during the reception and the tour, offering information to our students, as well as the Administration of Larisa`s TEI for economic support



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